Delmonicos, a solution at the heart of energy transition

Electromobility is an essential element of energy transition and the sustainable city.


It is a key element in the evolution of the transport sector. It enables a synergy between ecological, social and technical values.

Facilitating its development involves optimizing its infrastructure and increasing the number of public charging points.


The Delmonicos solution is there to rationalize, optimize, simplify and participate in the development of public charge points.

Delmonicos relies on modern technology

Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain join forces to support the energy transition by addressing the issues of electric vehicle charging.

Determines the account to be debited
Customer relations
Customer relations
Energy management
Supports modern payment methods

Understanding Delmonicos

The challenges carried by Delmonicos

A secure platform

Simplified access and payments with confidence

Lower costs

A competitively priced solution

Simple & scalable

Universal technology makes the solution easy to deploy

A controlled capacity to evolve

A controlled technology adapted to a rapidly & constantly changing world

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