As our CEO just explained—if you didn’t watch it yet, check the video above— Delmonicos attended CES 2022. After a successful first experience, and with our heads full of memories, we have now put together a list of a few tips for you to make the most of this global innovation key event.


The event, you will anticipate.

CES is an annual event—well, except for the times when a pandemic hits the world with full force— held in Las Vegas, always around the same time of the year: in early January. In other words, any startup that wants to get there needs to start thinking about the logistics as early as possible: the sooner you start planning, the better! The first key to a successful CES is anticipation. Book your flight and make your hotel reservations early, for the best pricing. You should choose your hotel based on its proximity to the event: you would benefit from some deals between these establishments and the CES organizer.

Think of all the equipment you’ll need once you’re there: a TV? A wireless mic? Do you have the necessary power plug adapters for US power sockets? You also must think of your booth set up. The idea is to be noticeable, in the best way possible.

Start planning your stay for the 2023 edition right now by visiting this link:


Your participation request, you will be attentive to.

Buying your ticket isn’t enough to partake in CES. There is a list of criteria you must meet before you are chosen to participate by the organizer. Your line of business should revolve around technology and should be of interest to the US market. The registration request is a detailed questionnaire that you won’t be able to modify afterwards. Be thorough for this step and surround yourself with people who can properly guide you, other firms and startups that have participated in CES before, specific organizations or institutions, startup incubators, or even big companies that sponsor startups.


A group, you will enroll in.

Once there, it is much better to avoid being alone and to enroll in a delegation like the one we just mentioned, or in other public and private structures that organize selection competitions for startups.

Don’t keep to yourself! Make the best use of the dynamic brought by the ever-growing French ecosystem: this will enhance your presence at this huge event.

Another advantage of joining a group: you will often benefit from reduced prices—sometimes even for free! — to rent a booth, amongst other things.

See the links below for some great intermediaries that could provide you with useful information:


Your talk, you will practice.

The aisles are crowded. Tens of thousands of people came from all over the world and will walk by your stand during these few days. Be ready to present your project in an efficient and effective manner, to answer all their questions. Know how read your audience and move on when you feel that they are not interested: make the most of your time and their time. On the other hand, don’t hesitate to take the person aside if it seems like you have found a potential investor.  Of course, your booth needs to provide all the necessary information regarding your business, starting with your contact information so that visitors can be in touch later: email address, phone number, brochures… But you need to be proactive as well and ask for the most interesting visitors’ contact information, so that you can contact them yourself, once you’re back from the event.

For obvious reasons, your argumentation needs to be ready in French as well as in English. Make an effort with your linguistic skills if you don’t want to miss interesting interlocutors. Right, Mr. President?


A side place, you will book.  

You got it now: whether in the aisles or at your own stand, everything at CES is crowded and loud. That’s part of the charm and atmosphere of such an event! However, besides the cough drops you need to always keep with yourself; here’s our advice: plan on booking an extra hotel or meeting room, where you can meet some of the contacts you made during the day later in the evening. You will be able to discuss with your most interesting interlocutors in a calmer atmosphere, ready to present your solution in an even better perspective.


That’s it for our tips to make the most of this Las Vegas event. And last, but not least, our final advice: have fun! That’s the best way to stand out from the crowd and make an impact!

Good luck—see you at Las Vegas for CES 2023!