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Technological solution for electric charging stations

Technological solution for eleThe technology developed by Delmonicos, based on a blockchain node, can be integrated directly and natively into charging stations during the production process.ctric charging stations

Integration with your Charge point management platform OR via our Delmonicos platform

Operating charging points integrating the 'Delmonicos Inside' solution can be done in several ways: Light integration via standard exchanges with our dedicated SAAS Service, Deep integration via our API, or Use of Delmonicos charge point management platform (compatible with all current market standards & protocols).

Fast, easy user experience through our mobile app

Charge quickly and easily without subscription or installation of our web app. Enjoy a richer and more personalised experience with our mobile app. Either way, get efficient and transparent payment methods.

Secure and scalable technology without compromise

Deploying blockchain nodes in charging stations

Blockchain technology addresses the issues of interoperability, enhanced security and payment at a competitive cost, while remaining compatible with the standards of the ecosystem.


Delmonicos relies on this technology based on the trusted third party principle and makes sure that drivers will benefit from a simple, interconnected next generation solution.

Secure and transparent

Blockchain technology, coupled with strong authentication and identification methods, and a ‘passwordless’ system allows us to bring you the security you deserve, i.e. simple and effective.


Your data is anonymised in accordance with the recommendations of the RGPD and your transactions are “proven” in the blockchain in a definitive and non-modifiable manner.


Finally, the use of a web app or mobile app for payment eliminates the need to have an RFID card, whose security is commonly accepted as deficient.


Simply pay for a charging session at a ‘Delmonicos Inside’ equipped charge point and to be able to use the universal network of charge points. Regardless of the sub-network, once authenticated, your identity will be recognised and your preferred payment method will be used to simplify your ‘Plug & Charge’ experience.


Our modular architecture can be integrated into any environment, for any player in the value chain; all it takes is a preliminary analysis to define the best possible solution for your charging station model, your charge point management platform and/or your infrastructure.


The modularity of ‘Delmonicos Inside’ allows us to guarantee scalability in line with future standards and market developments.


An OCPP protocol version 1.6 or version 2, an ISO 15118 that eventually takes hold in the market, a new OCPI protocol version 3.0 — everything is possible thanks to our flexibility.


Energy management, Web 4.0, artificial intelligence, machine learning and the Internet of Things will all be integrated. A EV can exchange information with the Delmonicos app, but also with the charging station, in a safe and transparent way. We’re already at the dawn of V2X.

Advantages we bring

'Delmonicos Inside' offers breakthrough innovation in the operation of charge points for electric vehicles.

Energy management
Secure delivery vs payment
Exchange with requested organisation
ISO 15118
Supports the latest payment methods
OCCP compatibility
Improves customer relationships
Determines the account to be debited

The Delmonicos project is developing within the Polkadot ecosystem

Polkadot: a new generation of Blockchain built on an energy-efficient and resource-saving consensus.

  • The Delmonicos blockchain layer is developed in Rust with Substrate, Polkadot’s parachain development framework.
  • The blockchain will initially be autonomous and then connect to the relay chain, either by becoming a parachain or via a parathread.
  • A wallet module has been developed and will be integrated into all client applications, particularly on mobile phones.
  • The wallet could also be deployed in connected sockets or on the electric vehicles themselves.

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