A scalable, interoperable and secure network protocol

The Delmonicos solution to rationalize, optimize, simplify and participate in the development of public charge points.

New generation technologies

Using modern technology to create the Delmonicos solution.

An easy-to-use platform

A complete platform to facilitate and secure interactions with electric vehicle charging stations.

Intuitive support for drivers

A solution that understands and considers the needs of charging station users.

Simplifying the user experience

To provide customers with the most satisfying, virtuous and respectful experience possible. 

Delmonicos focuses on the needs of users and places them at the heart of development. 


Transparent pricing

To provide customers with the most satisfying, virtuous and respectful experience possible.

Removal of confounding factors in price display  

Price standardization
Immediate integration of all costs
Using the “Delivery vs. Payment” process  

Transaction and invoice history over 3 months


The advantages of our solution

The Delmonicos solution aims to offer a breakthrough innovation in the operation of charging stations for electric vehicles.

Energy management
Secure delivery vs. payment
Supports ISO 15118
Exchange with Eco CO2
Customer relationship
Supports all payment methods
Determines the account to be debited
Energy management
OCPP compatible

An access to all payment solutions

Delmonicos wants to adapt to today's and tomorrow's consumers by being accessible to all payment methods.

Smartphone application

Credit Cards

Payment providers

RFID card

Fiat portfolio


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