Delmonicos, at the heart of energy transition

The Delmonicos solution to rationalize, optimize, simplify and participate in the development of public charge points.

Electromobility is an essential part of energy transition and a more sustainable life.


It’s a vital part of the evolution of the transport sector and brings synergy between ecological, social and technical values. To support its development, we must optimise its infrastructure and increase the number of charging points. Delmonicos is here to rationalise, optimise, simplify and support the development of public charging points.

A trouble-free charging experience

To bring EV drivers the most simple, transparent and reliable charging experience possible. Delmonicos focuses on the needs of EV drivers and places them at the heart of development.

The 'Plug & Charge' experience

Delmonicos aims to help market players to standardise 'Plug & Charge' and make it accessible to all EV drivers.

  • A technical concept that allows people to charge at a public station without a subscription (badge RFID or an application).
  • UA data exchange between the EV and charging station, so the bill can be paid without driver intervention.
  • Meeting the ISO 15118 security standard
  • To manage KPI certificates for secure exchanges, as described by the ISO standard, there must be consensus between the European players — which hasn’t yet been reached.

An app to give everyone access to charging session

Our ultimate goal is to achieve the smoothest possible ‘Plug & Charge’ experience for all EV drivers. Today, most charging stations and EVs on the market are not yet ISO15118 compliant and so cannot support the ‘Plug & Charge’ concept.

Delmonicos works with next generation technology

Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain join forces to support energy transition by addressing the issues of electric vehicle charging.

Determines the account to be debited
Customer relations
Customer relations
Energy management
Supports modern payment methods

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