Deploying Blockchain nodes in charging stations

Blockchain technology allows to address the issues of interoperability, enhanced security and payment at a reasonable cost, while remaining compatible with the standards of the ecosystem.


Delmonicos builds on this trusted third-party technology and provides future users with a simple and interconnected next generation solution.

Secure and transparent

The Delmonicos solution enables strong authentication of all charging actors, not only users, but also connected objects such as charging stations and electric vehicles.


Using blockchain technology, Delmonicos generates dependable and irrefutable evidence of who consumed, how much KWh, where and when. This information is used by payment organizations to execute payments with confidence.


All transactional flows comply with regulatory constraints, particularly in terms of data protection (GDPR).


The Delmonicos solution fits into all existing systems without access restrictions.


Delmonicos is based on a Blockchain technology that we make compatible and interoperable with the charging station market standardsOCPP and ISO 15118.


The bollards will be interconnected with each other through integrated nodes, so that they can communicate with each other.


The decentralized nature of the technology allows new participants to be added to the network without compromising the security or independence of other participants.


Adding a charging station to the Blockchain network is simple and adjustable.


Already compatible with most current charging stations, the technology used will be able to be natively integrated into the new generations of charging stations to come.



Delmonicos is a solution under development.

Follow the progress of the project on a regular basis and get to the heart of Delmonicos.

The Delmonicos project is developing within the Polkadot ecosystem

Polkadot is a new generation of Blockchain built on an energy-efficient and resource-saving consensus.

  • The Delmonicos blockchain layer is developed in Rust with Substrate, Polkadot’s parachain development framework.
  • The blockchain will initially be autonomous and then connect to the relay chain either by becoming a parachain or via a parathread.
  • A wallet module has been developed and will be integrated into all client applications, particularly on mobile phones.
  • The wallet could also be deployed in connected sockets or on the electric vehicles themselves.

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